my reshelled V8 is for sale 2007 10K
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Thread: my reshelled V8 is for sale 2007 10K

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    Default my reshelled V8 is for sale 2007 10K

    My famous reshelled V8 is for sale 10k

    As many of you followed the reshell of my V8 ZT, I thought I would let you know its now up for sale, for a low price of 10K, for a 2007 56 reg car, OK is got 2003 running gear but that only done 18,000 miles anyway.

    see ebay for more info

    I am happy to answer any enquries, its not taxed at the moment but that not a problem to get.
    07949 177427

    please see my old posts about the rebuild

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    Why you selling up Steve?
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