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    Quote Originally Posted by WelshPetrolhead View Post
    Well, had another look this afternoon. There was a fresh drip on the hoses but the valve still looks fine to me. I'm more and more convinced that its a hose/connection issue rather than the valve itself. I did try to get to the clips to try and seat the hoses better but with the pedals in the way and some of the clips facing the bulkhead I just can't get any purchase on them.

    The good news is all the fluids in the engine bay are good. Coolant still at max, and I did 30odd miles in it yesterday. I have in the meantime put some pieces of sponge around the hoses to absorb the weeping and will keep a regular eye on it. Will look to get it booked into Austins at some point to get it looked at, order another DMGRS valve as a backup and may as well get the plenum valve fitted then too seeing as I have one ready to go.
    It maybe that the olives on the valve were not soldered properly as mine were not , I had to resolder the olives to make it sound so it wouldn't leak past them.
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