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    Default Number 450 'Pony Express'

    It's a sad time, but the time has come.
    Daily used for 12 years. I am only the second owner. I bought it at 22400 miles. I have loved and serviced this car for most of its life.

    Runs extremely well and a genuinely quick normally aspirated ZT 260. Free to rev, with Accufab TB, and zero back boxes. Handles better than new thanks to being Poly bushed almost all round, new rear sub frame, reconned front shocks, new front and rear springs, ABS reluctor rings are brand new with new rear sensors too. New AC compressor, and condenser, and new traffic fan. Full leather memory headed seats, custom, marine standard, carpets, vented and drilled rotors, powder-coated 11 spoke original wheels and sunroof. Car fitted with electric rear blind and many spares including fuel pump, could and two spare wheels.

    There is some rust on front wing thanks to the mudguards rubbing, not had the opportunity to repair as I've been making sure the car handles and runs like it should. Only 883 made, super rare enthusiasts car, with practical aspirations. Great sounding and has a helpful community.

    Call 07449 807507 if you need anything else, pics etc.
    She's on Autotrader and Facebook also.
    Asking price £8,000.

    Calls and drives welcomed. Based in Melton Mowbray.
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