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5th issue is an ABS light - If you have done all the checks for the sensors and the rings are all good then it could be the ABS ECU. This fails because of the heat soak from the manifolds drying out the soldered joints inside the module. There are companies that will repair them, I posted on the forum about the one I used a while ago.

8th issue is a slack throttle cable and a rough feel under operation. - The OE throttle cable is not great and no amount of oiling will solved the notchy feel. I highly recommend you build yourself a new one from a universal aftermarket manufacturer. Again there are lots of posted about it on the forum!
A guy on a mustang YouTube channel suggested a cable tie to take the slack out of the cable?

The ABS light seems to come and go, ABS faults must be separate to ecu codes as I can't see them with my OBD reader. Is there a way to read them? I do have a bit of play in a front wheel bearing, I've heard the wheel bearing is integral to the ABS function?

I've got a spare bearing I bought for the 190, will this fit the 260 ?