First and most of all thank you all for your idea's, advice and support.
It so much helps when owners with experience comment. Maybe I did go a bit overboard on pulling the engine/gearbox.
Although i would be able to detail the engine bay

David I will reach out to you. Your knowledge and insight will be very helpful.
Specially since you also know the who is who in the Dutch scene.

When ordering from the shop. Will the invoice specify VAT or is it possible to order excluding VAT?
Dutch authorities slam VAT (21%) on it whether already paid or not. It is possible to protest but a lot of work.

The alternative is to take a short vacation break and bring back the parts.
Not sure the shop will deliver to a hotel or pick up is possible? But with careful planning it would probably pay for the trip.
Already ordered some smaller parts like LCD's which a colleague will carry over for me.

For now decided to drive it for at least 1000 km. Best way to find out what is wrong or needs improving.
But will not wait too long with the rusty bits. Although i hate how the front bumper sits badly, it does not stop me from driving it.
Will also closely inspect the sub-frame see how bad it really is.

My "problem" is that I still have the pictures when the car was new.
So looking at those I really want to adjust the front end.

Any further suggestions are very much appreciated.
Thanks for your help.