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Thread: Contact points for the 'Cars For Sale' threads

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    Default Contact points for the 'Cars For Sale' threads

    Recently lots of people have been contacting me, or posting in the 'Cars for Sale' and 'Complete List ...' threads, because of difficulties in making contact with the members advertising their cars only on the Forum. Often PM's are not been answered, I suspect not even seen, by the sellers.

    It is difficult for me too because, even if I happen to know the seller's email, I cannot pass it on for privacy reasons.
    Often the seller's profile does not have a "Send email" option either (not divulged in the club records, or disclosure permission not granted).

    So for sellers, if you are not willing or able to regularly check your PM's, PLEASE give an alternative contact method, such as telephone or email, in the text of the 'Cars For Sale' listing itself.

    If you can't or don't want to publicise either in "open forum", you can always PM me, 'David', with contact method(s) which I can pass on to interested parties. I don't mind if you then say "Send a Private Message to 'David' for seller's email/telephone contact details".

    I will then add that text to the 'Complete List of 260s FOR SALE' thread entry too.

    ** If there are any members currently advertising their cars on the Forum who would like to avail me of contact details for passing on to prospective buyers, please PM me **

    I can understand prospective buyer's frustration at finding the car of their dreams, only to be foiled by having no way of contacting its seller! Maybe this will help.

    Thanks, David.
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    Good idea David. Can be a very frustrating situation. Good solution.

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    Good idea David
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