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I have nexpeak and that reads 260 engine codes
Thanks for that Jeff.

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Since you bought the car I guess on or about 14 September (??), which is when they stopped listing it, you should go back and point the dealer to the word "guarantee".
Failing that, get him in any case to read the error code causing it and tell you what is wrong according to the code, and how he intends to fix it.

There is a story to this, isn't there always? I bought it at the end of September. I thought it was going through as a dealer sale, it was advertised on the business website, but when it came to paying they wanted it go through as a private sale and not part of the business which surprised me but i could understand it to a degree as it one of the owners private vehicles. Either way i didn't intend missing it , I know that my rights as a dealer sale give me much more security and consumer rights and that as a private sale are non existent. I am not disappointed with the car i absolutely love it. Whatever it needs it will get.