Ztt #270 for sale.
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Thread: Ztt #270 for sale.

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    Default Ztt #270 for sale.

    Hi All

    Well a decision has been made, I?m putting 270 up for sale.

    So I thought make it available to club members first and if I get no interest I?ll pop it on Carandclassic in a couple of weeks.

    It?s a 2004 facelift Ztt SE in XPG and there are a number of photo?s already in the thread Photographs of Cars - Ordered by VIN .

    It?s got 42000 miles on the clock and I have no reason to believe it?s not genuine, it drives very nicely and passed its MOT last week and was thinking of around 10k

    If anyone is interested just pop me over a PM with your number and I?ll ring or I can send you my number over.

    Cheers Bean

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    PM sent - would be great to speak.

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