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    Quote Originally Posted by Hairysnid View Post
    I've found this thread very interesting reading being a 260 owner who would very much like to have a Supercharger fitted to my car.
    Personally, I'm glad the thread is still running.
    Plenty of information on here about supercharging our cars without the information (or lack of it) in this thread.

    Because the OP is not a full member (because he does not own a 260/R75 V8) then he has no access to the wealth of information on this forum on this topic. He cites spurious/hearsay claims about the cars in other threads but as it is all in the Public Area the debate is somewhat limited. Happy to see the debate continue but it is only speculation and not particularly relelvant. If you are serious and want to supercharge your car then look at the relevant threads in the Forum, they will give you much more useful and accurate information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCP440 View Post
    Withe the correct software and some time on a rolling road a new map could be written. Probably not a bad idea as the original map would have been designed safe so probably some extra HP available if wanted.

    The problem as has been said adding 50% or more to an engines HP after 15 years of use is probably going to end badly. I will repeat what I have said before, If you want to get your car to go like a Ferrar go and buy a Ferrari.

    Looking at experiences based on super changing 2valve 4.6 mustangs I see that people have had problems with engine failures with stangs too.

    Although many factors are at play, it seems to me that 'Bad maps' and poor tuning is a common issue . So the fact that its a Ford engine in a rover isn't the reason for failure, as mustangs fail too.

    Seems the engine just needs a good tuner who knows what they are doing with the 4.6 2v , not so much a 'ZT260 specialist' .

    A forged build would probably be a good idea too as with any engine looking to make significant gains with forced induction.

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