MG ZT 260 mk2 headlamp bulbs?
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Thread: MG ZT 260 mk2 headlamp bulbs?

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    Default MG ZT 260 mk2 headlamp bulbs?

    Hi guys ? my 2006 ZT 260 has normal (not Xenon) bulbs, with projector dip and conventional main beam.

    Can you tell me what types of bulbs I need to buy, to replace them?

    Also, is it a front bumper off job?

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    If you haven't got an inspection hatch on the wheel arch liner then yes the bumper has to come off I'm afraid. If you're not sure about what bulb, once you remove the bumper you can see what bulb is required
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    Generally I find it much easier to get the bumper off. In theory it is possible by undoing the fuse box, air trunking etc., but it tends to be a painful exercise, if indeed you ever managed it.

    H1 and H7 55w are what you need. I swapped my H7's for the Philips +150% 'Racing Vision', which are a big improvement, better than the Osram 'Night Breaker's I previously used.
    Edit: See now that the new GT200 version of the Philips 'Racing Vision', claim +200% more light rather than the claimed +150% I now have.

    As with all bulbs, buy from an accredited supplier, if you can. More on the net are fake than are real, I think!


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    The 260s don't have an inspection hatch, whether Xenons are fitted or not. You wouldn't be able to guide your hand through, with the washer bottle on one side and the air intake on the other.
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