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    ** SOLD ** (26/03/20210).

    I am selling my MG ZT 260 SE. It has been stood for a while now and I have no cover for it any more so it is deteriorating. It has scrapes down the side, and the engine won't start. I think it is the coil packs, as before I laid it up it would misfire a little on start up for a few seconds.

    It has the X power back boxes and a certified LPG conversion and a huge tank in the boot. One owner from new and about 90k miles. It is metallic black.

    2,000 or near offer.

    Anyone interested? Please email me on gregknight1@btinternet.com if so.

    Seems a shame watching it deteriorate so has to go, I don't want to break for spares but may be forced to.


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