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    Hi all,

    My father (Wardy41) suggest I join the forum. Late last summer purchased 069, needed some work being completed to get it back up to spec. I?m sure some of you may have seen it, air brushed anime over the vehicle.

    I am sure many of you would be pleased to know that much of this has now been repainted in the body shop and since November it has been on holiday with Manjit, repairing the poor running and all the other issues that came with it. The wheels have also due to be replaced from the 20 inch that it was previously running back to 18 inch. Although they are far from standard!

    Being 23, I struggle to keep a car in stock form, I always like to make my personal touch and with the sound track that the V8 produces it is an absolute dream! Fingers crossed once the travel restrictions have been reduced ill be able to travel back up and bring her back ready for the new wheels and a good wash!

    If anyone knows any back ground information about the vehicle I would be very grateful, I know it is a MK1, SE spec in Trophy Blue, will fill the question form in when I get the vehicle back so I know all the VIN numbers etc.

    Looking forward to cruising with my father and meeting some of you at shows, COVID dependant!

    All the best,


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    Hi and welcome Milo
    Colin Murrell
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    Welcome along Milo. Look forward to the updates, Covid permitting!

    Nicholas John Peter Tinker - # 484

    Manufactured on Tuesday 27th April 2004 @ 12.17.47.
    Commission Number: 24468.
    Brochure Model: M3 Tourer 4.6 V8 260PS.
    Specification Code: L01B.
    CICode: D1511.
    Trim Level: TL8.9 (M3).

    65th ZT-T 260SE to be made out of 115.
    11th ZT-T 260 SE in Pearl Black (PBT) out of 23 produced.

    Manufactured in the UK by MG Rover Group Ltd.

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