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Thread: New ownership of #347 and running problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCP440 View Post
    You might be surprised at how little difference removing the cats make, I know someone who had a pipe made up for a Saab and he reckoned the only difference was it would Rev easier at high rpm and you don't Rev these engines. On a plus he didn't have to refit the cat for the MOT as it would pass without it fitted (just).

    the engine in this car is forged I believe so you can rev the nuts off it

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    I am sure Scooter said there was a reason not to over Rev these engines, maybe I misread it?


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    DO NOT under any circumstances over rev these engines, original engines do not have forged internals. Standard con rods and bolts are weak and not up to over revving.

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    With circa 400bhp i'm not removing the cats to try and chase anymore power. They are showing some signs of damage so taking the opportunity to start the progress of replacing the exhaust system for a wider bore stainless one (was thinking 3", though it's tight over the axle so looks like 2&3/4'' will likely be the max) and fabrication replacing the cats and centre section is fairly straight forward. The rear section is more effort and cost and will be done once I know the car is in full health and saved some more pennies!

    I'm not looking to rev the nuts off her but the history and spec of past engine replacement and rebuild confirms she has a forged short block bottom end, forged pistons & con rods from Sean Hyland Motorsport amongst a number of other upgrades. So she 'should' be pretty robust.

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