Wiring Diagram - Fan/Waring Light Fault
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Thread: Wiring Diagram - Fan/Waring Light Fault

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    Default Wiring Diagram - Fan/Waring Light Fault


    Mine is 2005 ZT SE

    Has anyone got or have acces to a wiring diagram?
    Had a Check Engine Light come on, Engine runs fine,
    Have changed a few things, (Garage Have)
    Fan seems to cut in early, looked at relays, whatever we have done and changed
    Fault comes back after between 10 and 100 miles.
    Want to know how fans etc are wired and where to, wire colours etc,
    trying to avoid taking the car back to a million bits.

    Or has anyone else had a similar problem? how did you fix it?

    Any help would be good



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    Hi Kelvin,

    You need to get full membership to get access to the complete site where you will find a great deal of information to help you solve your problem. You signed up 3 years ago and this is your first post.....must be a record. Send Tim a PM and get a questionnaire completed and sent back to get full membership. Wiring diagrams and lots of information available on this problem.

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