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Thread: Rover V8 premium bumper chrome surround.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Les4048 View Post
    if it is who I think it is he is looking to purchase a V8 with a damaged surround so no surprise he has not posted or become a full member. I do not think a comment like that is helpful in welcoming people to the forum as I am sure many who are on here just sit quietly
    In answer to that I think you will find I am more than happy to welcome new members to the Forum Les as evidenced by my numerous posts on the subject. Whether you think it is helpful or not I stand by my post which was not unpleasant, critical or rude just pointing out the obvious that if someone joins the forum and then doesn't post for a year and then their first post is asking if anyone has a rare part it seems strange to me and worth pointing out and asking the obvious question. Had the OP added some background information then that would have been helpful, he didn't, for whatever reason, hence my post. Hope that explains it to everyone's satisfaction.

    Nicholas John Peter Tinker - # 484

    Manufactured on Tuesday 27th April 2004 @ 12.17.47.
    Commission Number: 24468.
    Brochure Model: M3 Tourer 4.6 V8 260PS.
    Specification Code: L01B.
    CICode: D1511.
    Trim Level: TL8.9 (M3).

    65th ZT-T 260SE to be made out of 114.
    11th ZT-T 260 SE in Pearl Black (PBT) out of 23 produced.

    Manufactured in the UK by MG Rover Group Ltd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EbbwBen View Post
    Thank-you John, that's very good of you, and yes - I'm interested!
    Hi Ben I have sent you a message about the bumper

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    Just to let you all know I have found a car, and will be picking it up in a month or so (waiting for house-move date, conveyancers are a total PITA).

    Thanks for all your help, especially David, John and Bob (as always!).

    I will be joining as a full member in a few weeks time, too. To me owning and being able to look after one of these great cars is a privilege.

    R75 V8 duo-tone Tourer #585 "Teddy"
    R75 CDTi Auto Tourer "DeNiro"
    MG ZT-T+ 190 "Maurice"
    MG TF 115 "Maurice Jr"
    Alfa Romeo Giulietta "Jules"
    Volvo XC60 "Victor"

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    Big thumbs-up on that, Ben! Look forward to seeing her at the POL next year, maybe?
    Glad to have helped a bit, maybe.

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    Great news Ben, looking forward to seeing some pics as and when.
    Andrew Phillips
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    ZT 260 - 'Old number 27'
    ZS 180 - aka rolling restoration...

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    Hi Ben, that's fantastic
    Colin Murrell
    vin 00242 - Probably the only 260 to have driven the full Le Mans circuit?
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