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    ** Seller reports vehicle as being SOLD (08/07/2019) **
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    MG ZT 260 2004 with the V8 Mustang engine RWD. This is an SE version with all the extras fitted when first registered as a demo vehicle. For example the car has the very desirable X Power exhausts (which sound great!) electric front passenger seat controls and an Accufab inlet plenum to release extra power from the 4.6 litre engine. The wheels have been finished in a darker metallic silver over black grey effect that really sets off the car. Over a thousand pounds was spent about 7000 miles ago on a full maintenance service, which included brake, engine oil, coolant, diff oil replacement as well as new rear springs and cavity wax treatment for the rear cross tube. The car is in excellent order but I have too many cars and it does not get used. It needs nothing, just driving and enjoying. Passed its MOT easily recently so almost a full year on it. Just had the windscreen replaced because it got hit by a stone, put new Continental rear tyres on the car when we bought it-hardly any miles on them. The original sat nav/audio system is present but a superior android system with DVD, satnav etc has been fitted.

    Edit (by David): Following information added from Car and Classic advertisement, 15/06/2019
    "67,628 miles, 8,750, Location: Desborough, Northamptonshire"

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    That's a beautiful car. She must have a happy new owner.

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