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    Exclamation Triumph TR8

    Thirty Nine years ago, I bought a brand new TR7 DHC. Which was later converted by Del Lines to TR8 spec. Probably the best car I owned, as I kept it for 5 years. The only other car I kept for 5 years was a 6R4.

    There is one in the States for sale with 90 miles on the speedo. Really interested.

    Anyone want to buy a ZT260?

    NB: Just discovered I have lost it. A deposit has been placed on it.
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    It's funny how the TR7/8 seems to split opinion, personally it was the one released as i was getting into cars, so is the one i relate to most - i have a soft spot for them. The first car club i joined was an independent group that was set up by TR7/8 owners who were disgruntled at the 'them & us' attitude of the official clubs to their cars - such a shame, they decided to be inclusive in their attitude so their club was open to any sports car & anything pre-1980, so it was a really eclectic mix of members. I hope attitudes in the official clubs have softened over the intervening 20+ years.

    Looks like an awesome car, but with 90 miles on the clock, a museum piece? If it were mine, i'd be afraid to drive it, every mile done makes it that little bit less unique.
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