MG ZT-T 260 SE Mk2 Leather Interior
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Thread: MG ZT-T 260 SE Mk2 Leather Interior

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    Default MG ZT-T 260 SE Mk2 Leather Interior

    Time to clear out the loft! After selling my ZT-T 260 SE in 2015 and not looking like I'll get another, I have for sale the leather interior removed from my 2004 ZT-T 260 SE V8 Estate.

    Rear seat back and cushion, please may I remind the purchaser that this was from an estate and will not fit a saloon, I am also unsure if the rear door cards differ from the saloon. The front seat covers and foams do NOT include the frames, I re-trimmed my original frames with alcantara. My original front seats were both electric, although I don't believe this differs with the covers as the controls were situated in the lower plastic side covers.

    To be sold as a complete lot only, including headrests, various switches, handles, seat side airbags & pre-tensioner seat belt stalks.

    Due to size, weight & airbag componenets, collection ONLY from Hatfield, Hertfordshire.

    mob zero7976 7zero6 725

    500, open to offers.



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