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Thread: I still want a V8

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    Sorry it was 45

    Still not much choice when you are being colour specific, personally I would be looking at condition and mileage.

    As I said earlier I looked for a year before I struck lucky, I found a couple for sale in that time but one was in one of the biometric colours that needed some paint work and the second was for sale by the chap in the New Forest and when I turned up to take it for a test drive a couple of days after I had spoken to him he had sold it. He had not rung even though he said he would. An afternoon waisted.


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    Remember when I was looking for one I was getting really pee'd off at responding to "dead" ads, sorry, its sold . . . . take the bleedin' ad down then! Phoned one number, the guy had an impenetrable Irish accent, I couldn't understand a word, he could have been offering me the car for free I wouldn't have known.
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