#533 ZTT SE for sale in Goodwood Green, Finland
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Thread: #533 ZTT SE for sale in Goodwood Green, Finland

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    Default #533 ZTT SE for sale in Goodwood Green, Finland

    IMG_8440.jpg DSC_7611.jpg DSC_7600.jpg DSC_7534.jpg DSC_7200.jpg DSC_7188.jpg

    Tentatively putting the Iron Lady up for sale in spring, but I'd like it to go through here first if possible.

    Ex-press car comes with magazines and articles from Germany and Finland
    listed in the MG register as number 28 of 37 cars, the only one in Goodwood, a metallic dark green.

    Scratch on roof (no rust)
    Headlamps dull
    Dash LCD display missing some pixels

    Other than that its mint, runs beautifully and will come freshly serviced and tested.
    Stored in a climate controlled building during winter, never sees rain.
    Modern hifi and satnav fitted
    Leather/alacantara interior
    Electric everything

    All major type faults rectified.

    It is of course LHD and i will happily help with delivery anywhere in Europe.

    Offers in the region of 20,000euro

    email me at jakeplucinski@gmail.com for any more information.
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