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    Default MK1 v MK2

    Is there any fundamental difference between the mk1 and mk2 aside from aesthetics?

    Anything different to look out for, like some design flaws that may have been ironed out by the time the mk2 came into being?

    Thanks in advance

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    Aside from the body trim, the main difference is that mk2 introduced cruise control and traction control systems. Cruise control is as effective as on any other car, traction control is a very basic design which cuts off fuel when a rear wheel is spinning, something which any engine and particularly the Ford V8 doesn't like much. Shouldn't have been introduced in many people's opinions...
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    You can open the boot using the key in the bootlock on the mk1 but not the mk2
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    Has anyone changed the mark 2 BCU and got it to work on a mark 1 (Just for the boot release)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gignwah11 View Post
    Has anyone changed the mark 2 BCU and got it to work on a mark 1 (Just for the boot release)?
    can be done with the TOAF program ..Also you can do LSM changes and Coding new Keys.

    Cut N pasted .. for BCU swap .

    Swap a Mk1 to MK2 BCU with Toaf .

    Outline ...THe old BCU data is backed up and transferred to new one, VIN corrected and remote boot opening enabled, simple and hassle free,
    no need to change ZCS coding or anything!

    The job is straight forward.
    back up the old BCU.
    disconnected the Battery.
    Remove glovebox and swapped over the BCU's
    Reconnected the battery if alarm goes off ,disconnect it for the moment!
    Then read the BCU which will come up with a VIN mismatch,
    Copy the VIN number from the IPK and do a back up from my original BCU data.
    Lastly enable the remote boot locking.
    Reconnect the alarm

    done .


    Any problems you can revert back to what you started with using "restore".

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    Excellent I have a mark 2 bcu and toaf just collecting my 260 Saturday from for a service and rear lateral arm bush change ( he said it was a git of a job) plus diff leak check ( rear plate looks like the cause rather than any of seals ) so that’s next on the todo list

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