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    Quote Originally Posted by Nich View Post
    Have a look here Michael:
    Just tells you CAPTCHA V1 IS SHUTDOWN. ... nice to know! Glad it's not our site.
    Must admit though, when it does work, their maths is often a bit odd. Once checked a VIN to be told that was there were -1 other cars also born on that day.

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    Agreed, the data on is very suspect.

    Factory data was given out to a limited number of parties (with a number of strict caveats, this is a can of worms so i won't go into the details here), but suffice it to say that a lot of the online data sites are using very old data that is riddled with errors - they simply present the Factory data as is and sadly, although a brilliant starting point, the data needed a LOT of work to get anything even close to accurate.

    An example of this is the MGF Abingdon limited edition. Due to a data recording error, the factory information lists some 20000+ cars, when they only made 1600 - basically any F that had the factory leather seats option was recorded erroneously as an Abingdon LE. This has lead to regular postings on social media along the lines of "i have a Flame Red Abingdon, i thought they were only made in Brooklands Green?"

    There are a few people that have spent a lot of time trying to sort this out, if you know where to go you can get pretty accurate data on MGF & TFs these days thanks to the tireless work of the MGCC and a few individuals. Thankfully the data set for the V8 cars is also pretty damned good - and the Two-Sixties group has the best data set. Having been the Registrar for the MGCC in the past and having seen the F, ZS & V8 data sets, i can tell you that the V8 one is in my opinion, the most comprehensive & the most accurate of them all, mainly due to the smaller numbers of cars built.

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    ...and welcome from Germany. Good luck with your new Toy!


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