Rear end knocking on the bumps
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Thread: Rear end knocking on the bumps

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    Default Rear end knocking on the bumps

    I'm all good and silent on good surfaces but I've got a knock rear kerbside. I've checked and secured the battery, fixed a broken clip for the handbrake cable to underbody, checked exhuast and bodywork. But it's still happening,
    I've inspected the bushes and there's no play at the top of the anti roll drop link. No sign of leakage at damper. Beginning to think it is damper related, or part of the drop link I can't see. Subframe is sound and will get a proper tidy up in the spring.

    Any ideas boys?

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    Could it be the top shock mounting? These are almost impossible to see without removing the shocks and maybe the rubber has gone soft?

    When my new rear shocks arrive I plan on replacing mine.

    The other thing well worth checking is broken springs, these can look intact but the broken part can make a noise. Follow the coils with your finger and a good torch with the weight off the rear wheels.


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    In the early days there were a few issues with lose or cross threaded bolts securing the sub-frames resulting in a knock. I had a slight knock on mine a few years ago and tracked it down to a lose trailing arm bolt.
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    Scooter mentioned a while ago that the mounting for the front bush of the trailing arm can rust and collapse. It may or may not "knock" though.
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