Zero performance back-boxes on a ZT-T, any experience?
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Thread: Zero performance back-boxes on a ZT-T, any experience?

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    Default Zero performance back-boxes on a ZT-T, any experience?

    Hi all

    I'm a newbie, just bought a ZT-T from a member on here.

    Looking to canvass opinion on the Zero Exhaust performance backboxes, particularly from anyone who has fitted them to a ZT-T. I want a bit more aural drama (the car is running standard) without ruining the touring capabilities of the car (which seems prestigious); I understand that the tourers are a little more sensitive to resonance/booming than the saloons.

    I have only changed an exhaust once before and although start up sounded great, I realized almost the moment I drove it away that I had ruined it. I don't want a repeat of that experience if I can help it, but I know there is some more v8-goodness in there just waiting to be freed up! All opinions welcomed.


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    Welcome to the source of all 260 knowledge! I can't answer your question from personal experience, but I know there is a lot of information about them and members own experiences in various posts on the forum. Lots of info here, but to get to all of it you will need to be a full member. Very easy; just send a message to Tim and ask for a questionnaire to fill in.

    What is the VIN of your new car, incidentally (last 3 digits)?

    Happy New year. Looks like you've set off in the right way!

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    Welcome along Richard. As David says there is a lot of information available to full members of the forum. If you get your questionnaire back to Tim and go 'green' then all will be revealed.

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