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    Hello guys,

    I'm currently on the lookout for a nice 260. I have a couple of classics already (including a MG maestro turbo undergoing restoration).
    I'm based in the North East in Teesside - wonder if there are members near me I could have a chat with or meet up with to have a look at a decent example?

    So, I only want a manual, so no 75's, no estates, a pre Mar 2006 model, as on principle I dont want to pay the high tax band.
    Black is my fav colour choice and ideally SE spec. I'd like a well sorted, low owner example with FSH, i dont mind a couple of minor jobs, but nothing needing major work. no more than 60 -70k miles

    Something with the nice noisy exhausts is also preferred haha.

    Give me a shout if anyone is planning on selling or know of any coming up for sale?

    Thanks again,
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    Sent you a pm for info.

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    Hi Chris, I'm in Stockton and have seen a couple of other 260's flying around the area in the Norton/Billingham area. I don't know if either of them are for sale (we've never spoken) but I do know that the red on is quite nippy as every time I see him he wants to race!

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