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Thread: Calling all Aussies and copper/ lawyer types rofl ;)

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    The car was shipped in a container David, costing about three thousand pounds each way. We did about 7000 miles over eight weeks. Did we save money over trains and hire cars? I never worked it out as there was never a question about attending MG events in a hire car! :-)
    VIN 206
    This is definitely not her car...

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    Quote Originally Posted by scooter View Post
    The insurance company may not ask to see the licence but will insist on seeing it if there is a claim.
    My point exactly scooter...ref the comment that the insured supplying the effectively false information at that stage would be liable and no effective insurance....

    Thanks guys you've confirmed my advice that he would be ineligible to drive under the ban/revolution or whatever the Aussies call it. ..

    Cheers. .

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    I acquired International driving licence like MalcolmR said and 5 times i visited UK and EU have only produced International licence for police in UK and EU [ was never asked for my local home country license, same with Insurance ], Memory has it that i didnt even take my home license with me on holiday.

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