Anyone know what DW144 is?
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Thread: Anyone know what DW144 is?

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    Default Anyone know what DW144 is?

    Hi chaps, anyone in duct work? If so you may know what the above reference is. Looking for a copy . A bit far fetched question but worth a try!
    Mark Fullick (formally Hans Gruber)

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    DW/144 is the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) specification for sheet metal ductwork. I believe the current version is the Third Edition 2016.

    Hope that helps. Not able to provide a copy though.
    Andrew Flewin

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    That’s the one but was looking for a copy that’s all.
    Mark Fullick (formally Hans Gruber)

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    Are you a member of the BESA?
    Mark Fullick (formally Hans Gruber)

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