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Thread: Potential group buy of replicated 'X-Power Exhausts'

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    I dont understand why you dont just to to the original makers, Janspeed.

    I said years ago about the jigs, but they would make sets using the originals as a template. Not cheap for a pair in isolation, but the costs would be cheaper via a qty. order of course.

    When I was looking into it with the X-Power laser etched logo, it was 700 a pair to get them copied from originals.
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    If you refer to post #25 you’ll understand why

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    You obviously didn't read my post properly or did you reply before the edit!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveTD View Post
    If you refer to post #25 you’ll understand why
    I think T16 looked into this quite thoroughly a few years back and found Janspeed willing to do some more jigs provided the quantity was enough. I think at the time, owners considered 700 a mite too high!


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