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    Default Additional information re: Sale of #493, ZT-T 260 SE

    (Copy of text from FB description , on behalf of seller Jon Hilton, Two-Sixties member "Jamie7").

    MG ZT-T 260 SE V8
    Pearl Black. ...
    Low mileage.
    One previous owner. V8 - Number -493. 72nd of 114 made.
    42,000 miles.
    When I purchased this MG in 2011, I treated any surface corrosion I could find & added plenty of waxoyl.
    The car has then been serviced as required /waxoyled on subframes & inside subframe cavities, struts / suspension etc annually to help keep/preserve.

    Replaced -complete new MG/Rover
    cooling fan assembly & working correctly on both fan speeds-
    Handbrake compensator done & recent new handbrake shoes.
    Heater hose, club silicone upgrade done.
    Spare & rear tyres all good matching/ even tread, front tyres are ageing /due soon.
    Replaced - new water pump/coolant change.
    Recently replaced- new headlight washer pump.

    The interior heating a/c heater mix valve is probably due, as the cabin heating has been sticking on hot lately. Bodywork has acquired the odd mark etc over the years.
    Has an almost new/ old stock apex spare wheel & a new tyre fitted /rover jack/tools, I purchased from an obsolete rover dealer.

    A useful extra - towbar fitted - BUT the towbar has only been used for towing my garden trailer to the tip- the load area has never carried any rubbish or pets.

    Two working keys - remote central locking, Electric sunroof, cruise control, xenon lights, Sat nav.
    Sunroof tubes & plenums free.
    Drives lovely- plenty of power, gear changes & brakes are good, no warning light issues, very reliable- never let me down.

    The MG v8 has a lovely sound on the move & has immense road presence.

    Viewings by enthusiasts are welcome - but unfortunately I am ONLY available to give Veiwings on the following 8 days =
    17th, 18th, 19th May,
    21st May, 26th, 27th, 28th& 29th May.

    No time wasters please.
    Hopefully will sell to MG enthusiast- I?m intending to sorn / garage at the end of May.
    Road tests are to be done by myself only / no exceptions. ( unless full asking price is in my pocket )
    MG kept in a locked, alarmed garage & MG will not be released until money in bank/ funds cleared in bank.
    NO dealers/ Traders or any ??third parties signing the v5 for someone else??, etc etc

    Testing the water first on here/ For sale - 8995

    I work long hours / days / nights & evenings. If I don?t respond to a message straight away I?m at work or driving, will try to reply to messages when I?ve time off work.

    Thanks Jon.
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