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Thread: Related posts/information about cars For Sale.

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    I'm not on Facebook, so I'm happy that whatever comments you relay to me are heresy.

    Oh and nobody could touch you for anything you say anyway.

    Edit, Wild Rover will vouch that I'm not a troll BTW. 15 or 16 years ago this week, I raced him down to Le Mans, him in his 260 and me in a 190.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Sward View Post
    I'm not on Facebook, so I'm happy that whatever comments you relay to me are heresy.

    Oh and nobody could touch you for anything you say anyway.
    Sorry, not being pedantic, but it is a closed group on Facebook, which I think one should honour. Matter of principle. The same applies to postings here on the Forum in non-public sections, I feel.

    Easy enough to join, though. You will not be risking anything yourself by making an FB account and joining the group concerned. You do not divulge personal information by doing that. Up to you.


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    I'm won't be joining Facebook to read somebody's opinions of a used car, thanks all the same.

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    David and I recently had a brief argument and ..words ..together. Maybe it was my fault, maybe it was his. But, from my part , its all over and in the past and forgotten.
    Invariably, Men and Cars, Men And Sport..well it leads to ..crossed swords ..some times. Then..all is forgiven ..and were all Mates again
    Regarding Davids Service to our Club..and particularly his -Cars for Sale - Club Feature, it?s absolutely brilliant, and we should all be extremely grateful for all the work he does researching it, compiling the Information, and posting it every day, which he has takes two or three hours a day .

    David is completely correct in his stance re Confidently and neutrality . We dont want to step on the FaceBook 260ers Toes, and they don?t want to step on the sense of relaying information.

    IF you are genuinely seeking to purchase a 260..go down and look at it yourself . I bought my 260 in Glasgow.I spoke to the Dealer..extensively..he told me if I didn?t agree with his description of the Car..he would refund my Travel Expenses.
    I went up there..looked at was exactly as the Dealer had described..FSH..Mint Condition..never been painted anywhere ..and it drove new. Consequently, I bought it with my Card. End of story.

    If David gives out his personal opinions, nudge nudge ..wink wink ..I wouldnt bother looking if I was you etc...the Confidential aspect of any discussions between Cars up for sale owners ..and David...would be buggered up. The potential owners would say to the Cars for sale owners.. hey mate..David says that Car of yours is crap..not coming to look at now .
    David is a Club official after all , he cant be some kind of sneak.

    Futher more ...NEVER ..ask anyones opinions on a Car for Sale anyway. Do your own research, find out information, speak to people with some knowledge on the Particular Make / Model of Car...but dont take their advice alone...go and look at the thing yourself .

    I lost three fantastic buys..listening ..experts.. kind advice.. A concours condition Lancia Coupe..
    with 2,00omile on the clock Mint BMW RS 100 Motorbike, and a Fantastic .. wooden chassis Marcos Coupe ..which would have been worth £35,000 now .

    WHY did I lose these great buys...BMW..the Bastard I called for advice..a BMW / MOTO GUZZIE Dealer..said no don?t buy it. Next day he went down and bought it himself . He was a titled a Baron . The Lancia..head of the Lancia Club ..yes you guessed ..went down the following day..after saying don?t buy it...and bought it himself . The Marcos..well it was just a feud between Jem Marsh , the Owner Of Marcos Cars, and the Seller .. an ex Marcos employee . BUT..I lost a fantastic buy..listening to others. AND..I didnt know enough about the Car ..before I went to see it etc

    Anyway, I dont t think Davids done anything to receive Critique for on this matter in Question .Seems like a lot of fuss over bugger all really . IF David, Nich, etc etc ..didnt do all the stuff they do for the Club..there wouldn?t be a Club.

    Who the F is going to spend 3 hours a day ..compiling, researching, and posting up all information concerning 260?s For Sale ...if David said ...oh bollocks ...I?m finishing with it all.

    None of us perfect, we arent always in the right ( although we think we are ) , and we must maintain Civility between ourselves .Disagree ..yes, debate ..yes ....but we must not get personal, rude , and ignorant with each other.

    Peace Out .
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    Harry has put it perfectly in post 494. David does do a fantastic job of compiling and updating the cars for sale and he’s correct in not passing on someone else’s opinion. Imagine the shit storm from a new owner if he said the car was excellent and it turned out not to be so. If you’re buying a car go see it for yourself, when I bought 342 I asked opinions on here and what I didn’t know was the man selling it was a trusted trader of V8 cars and it was as described but it isn’t always like that. I’d a 1,000 mile round trip to collect my car, so if you’re serious in purchasing a car distance doesn’t come into it. Sometimes this forum is seen by some as a secret squirrel but it has done extensive research and work over the years and I for one respect the work done and will not disclose anything from here unless it is a common problem across all models and I always guide any new potential owner’s from Facebook to the forum
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    Well said Harry and Les

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    Another voice here grateful for David's work!

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