Hello this is the owner of vin 699, I'm other words the car selling for 2k on gumtree, I have received a call today from a gentleman who has informed me that some members of the mg zt & rover 75 forum are making false claims about my car, I would just like to clear a few points, first being the factory fitted sohc engine means single over head cam there fore the cams are at the top of the engine, the best part about having a over head cam is that if you need to get to the camshaft, covers rockers Ect you can do so with out pulling the engine out, all though whilst installed to the zt 260 there are 3 bulkhead panels that need to be removed in order to remove the cam covers, so no you you do not have to pull the engine on a 260 to replace a tappet, this is not information I have pulled of the net I have done the procedure my self, secondly there has been a false report that my car has had a rear end shunt, that the rear pannel looks questionable, the fact is the boot was a jar in the photo in order to disconnect and recconect the battery to prolong life, no more accusations or stories please this is a genuine sale and everyone that has contacted me will agree I'm very thorough with detail. Thank you