MG ZT/ZT-T and Rover 75 V8 Buyers Guide
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Thread: MG ZT/ZT-T and Rover 75 V8 Buyers Guide

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    Default MG ZT/ZT-T and Rover 75 V8 Buyers Guide

    In order to help prospective owners we have put together this "buyers guide."

    It is not designed to be an exhaustive catalogue of what can go wrong with these cars but more to do with dispelling some of the myths surrounding them especially the one that says "You can't get parts for them anymore."

    The guide makes reference to issues which are well documented on the Two-Sixties site and which is open to all owners who are also members of the MGOC.

    The public area is the place to ask any questions you may have, we are a pretty friendly bunch and will be only too happy to help.

    Happy reading and good luck in finding the right car for you.

    PDF, DOCX and DOC formats below:

    Buyers Guide.docx

    Buyers Guide.doc

    Link to Google Docs

    The Two-Sixties Team.
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    65th ZT-T 260SE to be made out of 114.
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    Manufactured in the UK by MG Rover Group Ltd.

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