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    Pulling the ABS fuse created some error codes

    I looked at the wiring diagrams and my above assumptions are wrong. The OBD port does connect straight to the Ford ECU. I also tried a different scan tool in Ford mode and I was able to get it to connect; I guess that the other one wasn't good enough.

    Therefore I should be able to implement a mode that goes straight into the Ford V8 ECU without going via the Gateway ECU as the T4.

    Anyway, I have already gotten the Gateway ECU protocol working. These are the screenshots:-

    V8 Gateway ECU

    I think that the numbers for Revs and Coolant temp are a bit off, I need to re-check them.

    X12 V8 Engine ECU (in T4 mode - via the Gateway ECU)

    I haven't finished reverse engineering all the live data parameters (there are lots) yet. I will update when that's done.

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    I did some testing today with the first 25 or so parameters that I reverse engineered using a Ford tool on a Mustang 4R3 ECU.

    This is pscan (dev version) connecting to the Mustang ECU

    This is the same software talking to a ZT 260

    The numbers will be different because the Mustang ECU is on the bench with no sensors, whereas the ZT 260 one is installed in a car....

    The interesting thing is that one of the parameters (valid drive counter) is unreadable on the ZT 260 but it works on the Mustang.
    Another is that certain parameters such as the fuel cap signal don't seem relevant to the ZT 260.

    So, whilst I can pull more data from the ECU using Ford "language" I'm not sure that it's actually that useful.
    I think for the time being I should concentrate on reading the data that a T4 can read rather than what a Ford tool can read.

    The good news is that on the ZT 260 I was able to get into the ECU directly using the Ford data lines on the diagnostic socket. The picture above is doing that.

    This picture below is using the same parameters (so reverse engineered from a Ford tool on a Mustang ECU) but through the Rover pins on the diagnostic socket to the Gateway ECU:-

    This is good news. It means that pscan should be able to read straight from the engine ECU even if say the Gateway ECU has a problem.

    I think that I'm nearly there.
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    One other thing to note is that the protocol runs a bit slower in a real car than it does with just the ECU on a bench.

    In the car you can talk directly to the ECU in Ford mode but the Gateway ECU is still there chatting away on the same databus, and I think that this slows things down, or, you can go through the Gateway ECU but then you are talking to one ECU through another, which also slows it down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    The guy who has one in Ruislip tells me that he wants to sell his (it's a green ZT 260, 60,000 miles and totally unmodified by the way)
    Do you happen to know if he sold it? I'd be very interested, if you would pass my details on to him I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Hi Philip
    This is the first time I have used the pscan on my MG ZT 260 as my engine warning light came on today. The software loads and works fine. There are two software format selections named Ford and T4. First question is why are there two and what are the differences?

    Running the program shows a fault code P0138 Sensor Circuit High Voltage (Bank 1 Sensor 2). If I run the Ford format it says misfire not detected yet the T4 states detected. Should I be using only one? If so which one?

    Please see attached readout with the O2 reading variations all at tickover;
    Bank 2 U/S O2 Heater fluctuates between on/off
    Bank 1 U/S O2 Volts fluctuates between 0.06/0.83
    Bank 1 D/S O2 Volts steady at 1.67
    Bank 2 U/S O2 Volts fluctuates between 0.05/0.81
    Bank 2 DS O2 Volts this climbs slowly from 0 to 0.9 but returns to 0 if the revs are lifted.
    Listening to the engine there appears to be an intermittent misfire?? a put put sound at the exhaust.

    I am aware that the error code could be caused by

    1. the sensor
    2. wiring/connections
    3. leaking injector
    4. catalyst

    What would be a logical fault finding procedure based on the above data?

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    Did you run it more than once, Pete?

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    Kevin please see this thread which was moved to Technical in main forum

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