Time to put my cards on the table.
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    Default Time to put my cards on the table.

    Good evening all how you all doing, hope all is well.
    Hope the cars are running great.

    Right Ok Its time to explain a few things regarding a secret project I have in mind, Not everyone is going to agree with this I know that, But its something I've always wanted to do and I found the perfect car to do it in, this is where the hybrid comes in.

    Right first to be blunt MOTORSPORT.

    Circuit racing for diesel cars.

    I've always wanted to enter a motorsport event and in July will be my first one, It all depends if I can get everything ready in time.
    That's why I've been looking for new work to try and find a better income, plus its every week rather then stop and start.
    As we all know that motorsport is expensive and I'll be honest it will put the car in harms way. I hope nothing happens, but in life there are no guaranties.
    I like to get it done before July if not no matter how long it takes I'll do it, trust me when I say I will I will.

    For last few days I've been speaking to drivers and tuning shops around the UK and Wales, Driver's which I know and classic car fans, plus my friends have pointed me to the right places, which has been great and there input very important. 2nd tuning shops, This is where it gets interesting,
    On a diesel engine we all know that air is the most important part of the combustion of the engine, what do we need MORE AIR, The turbo charger in our cars is very reliable and doesn't suffer breakdowns has much as the BMW Variable Vane turbo.

    But its not enough, its small and compressor wheel is just not big enough to draw masses of volume of air into the engine, it needs to be a little bigger and that's it, I Don't want to go stupid i just want a little faster not 100 bhp 200bhp but just 50 bhp will do me nicely. I'm after acceleration not top end speed. As the track I'm going to be racing as plenty of tight bends and turns, so top end speed it pretty useless.

    But If can get the balance of both even better.

    I've spoken to this a firm a lot regarding fuel injectors, rails, pumps and so on to try and get what I need out of the engine. The M47R is really good engine and like working on the damn thing, I don't want to push the engine too much to the point where the engine has to be rebuilt from scratch, if you catch my drift.http://www.uniteddiesel.co.uk/diesel-in ... -upgrades/

    I've spoken to Kieth a lot regarding this and may have a hybrid turbo for the this car, its bigger then a stranded one, but still have plenty of room to be fitted, in other words its not silly, but does produce a bit more power and if tuned the right way, the turbo it will kick as soon as i need it.
    I've messaged him back and said, once all the funds are in order then I can go for it.
    The injectors can be upgraded as our's are Bosch, there are performance injectors for the M47 including the injector pump.
    I've gave him my numbers off the turbo and manifold, so he knows exactly what the performance are of the turbo and manifold.

    If I play well and I can get away with keeping a lot of the engine standerd.

    But it isn't just performance parts but lot of other bits as well,
    Such as

    Braking system's
    Uprated discs and pads all round
    Brake pipes will need to be done as well

    Coil overs
    Strunt mounts
    dampers all up rated.
    Polly bushes can't forget those.

    Up-rated clutch
    up-rated Flywheel, Single mass

    Fuel and Air
    Inlet maniflod will be custom made in stainless steel.
    A ram air system
    Hybrid turbo.
    Upgraded injectors.
    Intercooler already uprated, needs re-positioning to allow more air flow.
    Fuel injector pump upgrade.
    Possible a bonnet scoop at the back of the engine to cool turbo charger down, but will find out later on in the future.

    Helmet and fire resistant overalls
    Fire extinguisher
    Roll cage that can be unbolted to allowe rear seats to be refittted after the race is over and turn it back to a road car.
    bucket seat and 4 or 6 point harness

    So far that's my list and will most liking be updated once again.

    I'm willing to do this and yes I bloody NUTS and that will always be me.

    Can do it?


    Again like at the start of the topic, its not everyone's idea, but if you have your oppnins please let me hear'em. Or if you can advice me as this is my first major project.

    Thank you all for reading and I will be doing a complete write up on all what's going on.

    Its also being booked for a dyno run in Flintshire next week, I'll find out the date pretty soon and this will give me an idea what the engine is currently doing.
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    Cars can be a pain in the backside, The hybrid has had quite a few jobs done I can say it was money well spent.
    Am I going to give up when ever a problem occurs the answer


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