View Full Version : Used Zero Quad exhausts for sale

V8 Martin
06-04-2010, 10:41 PM
I bought these used but I understood not having done more than a few thousand miles.

I have added another 5,000 & daily driven them through the Winter so they are not immaculate. However, the tailpipes still polish up nicely & they still do a fine job as exhausts!

The only other issues are the dent or two where the garage got a bit enthusiastic with a mallet while helping them off (can't be seen when fitted - just telling so that you know & in case you are concours minded!) and one of the clamp bolts sheared on removal so that will need to be sorted too.

I think they are about £450 new, so does £325 sound fair? Brand new ones will only get dirty anyway :D. Collection please from Amersham, Bucks (or you could send a courier, but I don't have time to sort that out myself ...).

Please PM me if you are interested. First £325 offered get's them, or otherwise the best bid after a week.