View Full Version : LHD 2005 ZT-T Mk2 for Sale in Netherlands

09-09-2009, 11:34 PM
Found a blue metallic 2005 Tourer for sale
Asking price is Euro 20.000

Mileage is 128.000 km

I have seen this car recently at the airport and left a message for the owner. He told me the car would be sold as it was not possible to match which his business (zero emission cars).

From what I know this car is in really good condition. If anyone is interrested I can go and check it.

Judging by the license plate the car is delivered at pretty much same time as mine (march 2005).

Do not know about the price. Higher then UK but so is local car tax.
(new price was euro 68.000 in 2005).


Hope it goes to a good home

09-09-2009, 11:38 PM
(new price was euro 68.000 in 2005).

Euro/£ was probably 1.6 : 1

LHD for trips in Europe?.

Tim, Group buy and share it. :D


10-09-2009, 08:38 AM
20.000 euros seems too high, even on the Continent. Prices over here are coming down to 17-19K for cars with much lower mileage. Most of the LHD cars you do see for sale are in Germany (look at the mobile.de site) and this will push down prices in NL too.

Euro/£ was probably 1.6 : 1

LHD for trips in Europe?.

Tim, Group buy and share it. :D


11-09-2009, 03:54 PM

The continent does not have a single price though.
Importing a used car from Germany into the Netherlands can not be done without paying additional tax.

In the Netherlands a new car is approx. 30% more expensive than the same car in Germany. I would guess there is about 5.000 euro on tax left to pay when importing it from Germany (it depreciates with age)

The BPM value on my car which is pretty much identical was Euro 17.201 new which was in additions to the 19% VAT.

Clearly this car is therefore only really interresting for anyone in the Netherlands as the tax is not returned on export.

The value is probably close to insurance value. I think it will be hard to sell it for this price. Trade price is more likely around 15K.

If it had low mileage I would have considered it myself.