View Full Version : 75 V8 for sale in the gentlemans club

black olive
15-07-2008, 10:16 PM

also below for info :)

"No its not mine.

Its a 55 plate Saloon with 36k miles on it. I am told that it has 'all the toys' and its a one owner vehicle I understand.

Owned by a guy in the same village as me. He has a very pessimistic view of petrol prices in the near future so is selling. Been offered £6k as part X and has more or less accepted. Is aware that it will go on the forecourt at about £11k.

But he would prefer to sell privately (for a bit more than £6k of course) so if anyone is interested please send me PM so that I can put you in contact.

Should also not leave it to long cos he has pretty much done the deal for a Diesel and is looking to change over this week.

Must also say that apart from putting seller/potential buyer into contact I dont want any involvement in the transaction."

16-07-2008, 03:03 PM
Well diesel will continue to go up the same as petrol... if he was that pessimistic about fuel costs maybe he should have looked at alternative sources.

Although im sure 50+mpg will sooth those V8 blues for a while yet to come, haha