View Full Version : New (Never used) Car Transporter: For Sale

08-03-2008, 01:19 AM
New (Never used) Car Transporter:
Bed: 10ft x 6ft 1inch, Overall length 15ft,
Spare Wheel,
Bought to transport a Smart 44 Brabus but will carry many cars. Not used the carry a car yet.
Wheels Ultra Sealed.

£1250.00, Delivery possible.

EDIT: The Same as:
http://www.trojantrailers.co.uk/cpg1413/thumbnails.php?album=17 (http://www.trojantrailers.co.uk/cpg1413/thumbnails.php?album=17)
(But 6'1" wide, not on regular price list, Special Order, I had to wait 6 weeks)

The useable platform of this car transporter is 6'1" wide, 10 ft long
Gross weight of 1500kg and a payload of over 1100?kg.
Single axle with 12" Wheels
Heavy Duty Suspension Hence bigger and wider Pay Load.