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10-08-2007, 11:10 PM
Have decided reluctantly to sell one of the best cars I've owned. Known to many in the club, so ask others of their opinion for an unbiased view. It is a monogram colour called Dark Fantasy, which is a sort of purple/bronze/almost black depending on the light. The mileage at present is 42k which have been completely trouble free, flew straight through the MOT with no problems and has approx 5 months tax. She has almost every available option, the new price was over £40k !!! I'll list what I can remember, full leather, xenons, harmon kardon stereo with cd multichanger, upgraded MkIV B*W Sat Nav 3D (shows speed cameras, petrol stations etc) also has built-in television, Trafficmaster, Sony flip-down DVD player in roof with 10 disc multiplayer and cordless headphones (a £2.5k option), electric heated and memory seats, cruise control, etc, etc. All the other bits an SE should have that I've forgotten.
She has had all the problem areas sorted with the known mods, fuel clip and new pump, sunroof drains, I have the silicon heater hose but haven't fitted it yet. Loads of bills for all the work from ex main dealers.
There are a few minor mods, which can all be put back to standard with no effort. Namely Zero back boxes, uprated throttle body/plenum/induction system, which gave just over 271 bhp at the club dyno run and also chrome mesh grills. I have all the stanard bits still and will replace any or all if required. Condition is pretty good, no major marks on paintwork just a few stonechips comparable with a car thats done 42k miles mainly on the motorway. Interior is very clean, mainly used only by myself and I have no children or dogs to ruin things!!
I'm after £11k which I think is about right, unless I'm advised differently!!
Please call me on 01273 705387 or 07941 844652 for more info. Alternatively an email will be fine to get the ball rolling.
Cheers, Al.

11-08-2007, 01:42 AM
If you are not desperate Al I would go in higher. With the kit I'd try 14k in the general public arena. I'd love it!

11-08-2007, 12:21 PM
Do you really think I'd get any interest at £14k ? Obviously anywhere near that price would be great, difficult to know what the market price is for such a low volume estate really.
I'm selling because I've bought the wife a replacement Mini Cooper S convertible, which had been accident damaged, this is now almost complete and has gone away for spraying. So her old Cooper S was going to be sold, but I've decided to keep it. Whilst hunting around for bits to repair the damaged one and doing some of the work (this is my excuse for not being on here for a while!!) I've got back into the Mini scene. There are so many options to tune and upgrade the car its amazing, getting it up to the same output as the 260 is no problem and comparably cheap. It will then out-perform the 260 in speed and handling and be cheaper to run for work. It already has the Sat Nav, Harmon Kardon, xenons, full leather, cruise, etc same as the 260, plus heated screen, decent climate control and more so is at least as well appointed.
I'm sorry to be selling the car and therefore leaving the club, but it makes sense and we've not really used the estate like we originally intended.
The car is only for sale on here at the moment, but will go on Pistonheads, Autotrader, etc in the near future, maybe for a slightly higher price:).

11-08-2007, 12:50 PM
shame to see you go al, good luck with the sale and everything

11-08-2007, 04:42 PM
Yeah it will be a shame to leave the club, but needs must, something has to be sold and theres not much else to play with on the 260!!
Also gonna try and sell my plate AL51 ZTT if anyones interested, will do a seperate post. Got someone interested in the car already.

12-08-2007, 12:27 PM
I have missed this opportunity Al, 11K is good I would even say a bit low!
I would post it on the various forums at more than that if I were you at least then if 11k is what you will accept they can knock you down to that and everyone is happy!

And I say that because I would have had it off you at that price If I had not just tied up a chunk of my spare funds and bought an extremely boring Diesel Citroen Picasso to keep swmbo and the kids happy.

As a result of buying the Citroen troop transporter I need to make a head and heart type decision now, to justify to myself getting another 260 I will have to sell the 75, problem is it is a very sensible car!