View Full Version : 260 bits on ebay

27-01-2007, 11:20 PM
I'm not selling any of these but thought they may be of interest, oh and its my 100th post :D. Sorry don't know how to do links to them [:I]

1)Showroom banners, particularly the 260 one would look great hanging from a pole at shows, also ZT(T) one aswell, pricey but maybe a group buy for the good of the forum? Item number 250076658516.

2) ZTT 260 boot badge, cheap at the moment, I had to buy a ZT one when I was looking to get the 260 bit. Item number 17007350636.

3) R75 V8 Auto gearbox, brand new, bidding at just over £100 at the mo, buy-it-now around £500. Item number 160078582450.

Hope one or all of these help, I really think we should try and get the banners, have a look, they're about 6ft, one 260 and one ZT(T) each side of a display would look fantastic. Anyone willing to chip in. Theres also a R25 one included we could flog to get a little cash back.

Al, 100 posts now don't ya know [:p].

28-01-2007, 01:29 PM
I've had a look at the banners Al, not what I'm looking for. Would only need a bit of rain and .....you know the rest. :)

Good find though.